Im Austin 19, gay, socal. I reblog a lot of funny and sometimes depreng shit. With the occational hot guy and gay porn images. I love anons so ask me lots of stions :) I always follow back!
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If you feel like being on your parents good side go type in your zip code here and tell them how much money they could be saving on car insurance lmao. 

"Hey mom, yeah you and dad could be saving hundreds on car insurance. You’re gonna owe me half the money you’re saving after i show you this! Sorry i don’t make the rules."

lmao my parents actually gave me 20 bucks.

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job interviewer: wat r ur strengths?

me:hard-working, quick learner, well organized

job interviewer: and ur weaknesses?

me: u know when cute anime girls wink into the screen like theyre winking directly at u? yea that shit gets me weak everytime hahah anyway other than that hire me im great

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u know that scene from arrested development where George Michael describes Ann’s mayon-egg thing to Michael… when me and my boyfriend were virtual strangers we were at a party together and started talking about arrested development and then he acted out the scene perfectly… then we became friends because I was so impressed by his mayon-egg performance… mayon-egg brought us together